Ringing in the Year 2015

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If you google “Year in Review,” you can find so many social media sites have already posted videos and slide shows for the year 2014.  Google’s Year in Review 2014 can bring tears to your eyes as you remember events that have touched the world through tragedies, celebrations, and other current events:  Ebola, riots, war, Olympic triumphs, deaths of icons, etc.  However, my personal favorite “Year in Reviews” are the personal ones that pop up on our news feeds on Facebook or Twitter.  I enjoy reliving your memories through your pictures of family, children, special events, and triumphs.  The music playing in the background of the videos or slide shows make it even more emotional!

On that note, what would your “Year in Review” look like as an educator?  Do you ever look back at the pictures you took of your students, class projects, or school events for the year?  What would your movie or slide show look like?  I can imagine that all of our “Year in Reviews” would be filled with pictures of smiling students, creative and imaginative class projects, and fabulous school events.  Maybe our “Year In Reviews” would also document those late nights grading papers, frustrating parent conferences, famous last words of students, etc.  In all reflection, I imagine we have experienced ups and downs just like everyone else.

“Year in Reviews” are great, and they facilitate us to be nostalgic and bring us to emotion.  I encourage you though to go beyond nostalgia.  Use your “Year in Review’ for 2014 to be an even BETTER educator, learner, and person.  You can start by just choosing one thing in your classroom to change.  It might just be the layout of your classroom.  Can your homework policy be revised?  Is there a better way to implement your classroom management system?  Do you want more parental involvement?

Let’s not remain stagnate for the rest of the school year and be open to change this new year of 2015!  Wishing every educator, learner, and administrator a “Happy New Year.”