FriXion! The Good Kind

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One of my really good friends who is also a kindergarten teacher (bless ALL kindergarten teachers) and I were at a Costco on mainland Japan. We both love the office and school supply section, because well…we are teachers! While perusing the aisle, she grabbed a pack of pens for another fellow teacher friend who first introduced this miraculous invention to us. Hmmm….I was intrigued about what was so special about those pens, because the package was labeled, “FriXion.” Little did I know that package would CHANGE my shopping habit with pens, highlighters, and felt-tip markers!

Pilot Corporation, a Japanese-based company, invented FriXion pens. These pens are revolutionary, because they ERASE! Now, I know there are a lot of erasable pens out there, but the technology behind these pens are about friction heat. When you use the tip of the pen to erase, the friction causes the ink to become invisible.

Not only is this pen A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but also this FriXion technology comes in pens, highlighters, and felt tip markers. I now use these inventions to write in agendas, on the clipboard, grade papers, etc. I don’t have to every worry about using white out again!  For an OCD teacher, white out is not an option.


FriXion Pens – come in 0.5 or 0.7


FriXion Highlighters


My Favorite! FriXion Markers!

FriXion items can be purchased right on their site at  You can also find them on Amazon, of course. However, those of you who are blessed to live in Japan, like myself, can purchase them at any department or book store with a stationary section.  Try it out…FriXion, The Good Kind!